f last year’s prognosis for the future of nutrition pointed to aquaponics, analogous meat or even insects as thriving dietary trends, the truth is that in between, a pandemic happened . Thus, the food forecasts for 2021 appear adapted to the new reality, but also with the social and ecological awareness that the planet requires.

1. Human interaction at the very least

Remember when having a drink with friends was the highlight of your Friday? Or how did a brunch liven up your Sunday evenings – a day usually devoted to depressive feelings – or how did a romantic dinner solve any annoyance with your partner? Well, in 2021 (continues) there is none of that. Yes, the vaccine has arrived, but the pandemic has yet to show signs of slowing down. Therefore, everything will be monitored to the smallest detail : the conditioned schedule, the mandatory masks , the alcohol gel always visible, the contactless payments , the digital menu, that is, everything you are used to at this time and, probably, Even more. For Forbes, this will bethe great challenge of restoration “to achieve an affable and happy social experience” , without neglecting the guidelines for health.

2. Food that rings at the bell

A great adaptation of the restaurants to the pandemic passed the exponential increase of these services: the take away and home delivery . In fact and in this second confinement we are experiencing, this seems to be one of the solutions for the sector . Chef Lubomir Stanisic has already joined the 100 Maneiras 2 Go service, as does chef Vítor Sobral , who has been working on these options for a long time. And Volup , a premium home delivery service app, specializes in delivering chef dishes at home. The consumer experience is therefore expected to be increasingly in tune with technologypredictive, in the development of platforms that track preferences and more, making this practice as intuitive as possible. According to The New York Times , analysts even consider that we are only at the beginning, so there may be a revolution here similar to what happened with fast food . In the end, don’t forget, leave a nice tip – a direct way to provide your support.

3. Rethink the past

The restaurant A Cavalariça, original from Comporta, will be in the capital until March 2021
The restaurant A Cavalariça, original from Comporta, will be in the capital until March 2021Photo: Armando Jorge Mota Ribeiro
Still on this sector, and despite the required sanitary contingencies, a reset is expected, above all . The catering consultant Baum + Whiteman considers that only in 2024 will the restaurants with table service return to prosper as before. But do we want the before for the future ? The alternatives vary between the opening of pop-up spaces, as did, for example, A Cavalariça (who temporarily moved from Comporta to Lisbon), showcokings, chefswho are going to cook at home or cooking classes online, as Gordan Ramsay does. The path can be really there, through reinvention. According to Forbes magazine, it is a matter of time before the most traditional business models find a balance that sustains them again.

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